Why do You Need Laser Treatment for Eyes?

Over 35 million people across the globe are taking Laser treatment for eyes owing to the its irritation free and quick procedure which can help you getting rid of a regular hassle of wearing contact lenses or spectacles. It can be said that laser treatment for eyes is an effective medical procedure to reshape the cornea of the human eye in order to improve its vision or in medical terms, to treat myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. The laser treatment for eyes is often a permanent alternative for contact lenses or glasses by effectively improving the visual activity of the eye.
LASIK is laser treatment for eyes which is an abbreviation for Laser assisted in Situ Keratomileusis, and comes under the category of refractive surgery. This exclusive laser treatment for eyes is performed by an ophthalmologist wherein a laser or microkeratome is used to reshape the cornea of the eye. The surgery is quick and does not require a long procedure. LASIK surgery has fewer limitations as compared to other surgical procedures for eye. The laser treatment for eyes is not suitable for the thin cornea and moderate to high myopia in patients. Rest assures, the laser treatment for eyes is the best suitable procedure nowadays, including no cuts and blood.
The common problems which are dealt with the help of laser treatment for eyes include myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. Over a period of time the eye lens loses its strength due to continuous visual stress and health conditions and the cornea of the eye deforms. The deformed cornea is unable to focus the light coming from outside on the retina. The light, in these conditions, is being focused in front of the retina due to which it seems that the image is out of focus. Astigmatism is another eye issue wherein the shape of the eyeball resembles back of the spoon which does not allows the light to enter the eye evenly. Instead the light comes in unevenly and therefore, the clear image of the object in not formed. Only one part of the image is formed at one time. Lastly, the hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, this happens when the eyeball becomes too short and or the eye lens is not completely round. This makes it difficult for the eye to focus on the object and the object appears blurred to the person.
In all the above cases, laser treatment for eyes proves quite efficient as it is used to reshape the cornea. The major cause of eye problems is deformation of eye lens, wherein temporary help can be taken using alternatives such as contact lenses or spectacles; or for considerably a permanent solution i.e. reshaping the eye lens, laser treatment can be used. It is a bladeless surgery. The ever growing technology has made the laser treatment for eyes a highly sophisticated surgical procedure which is correcting the eye visions of people from around 21 years and is still evolving.

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