The Curtain of Shame for Tinsukia Electricity Board – Tinsukia Assam

Let me tell you the story. I reached to pay a bill at 2:30 PM at Tinsukia Electricity Board, Assam. There are two windows with 4 computers as I can see (I visited there for the first time). The employee on one counter asked the bill amount and directed me to the second window. The second window being a window of Shame was in Curtain .and the shy employee responsible for taking bills payment were sitting without any work. You can’t even imagine that it was a working and active window for service of citizens as it was fully covered and thus people coming to pay the bill were returning back
Well that’s not an issue. You can get a task done by visiting a single window in India. The Tinsukia Electricity Board employee refused to take the bill and asked me to come tomorrow. The time however was 2:30 PM and I know that there is no provision in India according to which a bill counter would not accept bills payment at 2:30 PM and ask people to visit next day. Time cost and If I come again, I face a loss of more than the bill amount. I decided to inquire.
I asked the staff the TIMING OF OPERATION as it was my first visit to pay the bill. He refused to answer. I asked again and he in returned inquired –“What is the amount of the bill”. I said ‘this much’ and he asked me to pass the bill with the money in. He also urged me to ‘relase the curtain’ and the signal was obvious, to avoid anyone else from seeing that ‘the staff  is still on his desk’.
This is not a common issue in Tinsukia electrcity board but the story of entire India.
Tinsukia, Assam or any state, the story of carelessness is same and there should be strict rules for finding and punishing these careless bones.
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