We and Our Dreams

Our dreams are our brain child. We are their parents. It resides in our duty to nurture those dreams and not merely just kill them because of what world thinks. Because killing is a crime and killing our own child will never let us sleep or even face ourself. Alike giving birth to a real child, a brain child is also our own. If not our flesh and blood, then our brain child is our soul & heart; a reason for us to live on this earth. Our dream therefore, becomes a life giving force. It is our duty to take care of our own dream, our goal, and our child and to feed it with necessary will power, confidence and positivity.

We and our Dreams

It is up to us if we make our child suffer or we make our child healthy and see it grow and become a reality one day. It doesn’t matter what others think of our goal, our dream; what matters the most is what we think about our child and our role in bringing him up. If the baby dream is nurtured and fed with positivity and optimism, the child may bring out the wonders; however, on the other hand, if the child is living a life full of suffocation, fear and negativity then it might die. And being parents, it is our subtle duty to protect our child from the world and keep him alive and happy even if the rest of the world is on fire. A mother of child is never taught about how to take care of her child, similarly, we should also not be taught about how to take care of our dream.


A day might come when whole world leaves us, even our body leaves us and is being burnt or dug in earth when we die; however, our very own child, our dream still resides with our soul and never leaves. So it is our brain child who lives with our immortal soul and never does it leaves us alone in happiness or in miseries.


BSNL EVDO Capitel Connect Driver Solution for Windows 8

Are you using a Windows 8 Computer and having problem with BSNL EVDO Capitel Connect Device not recognized on your computer or laptop?
BSNL EVDO Capitel Connect do not work on Windows 8 by default because of the default drivers installed for Capital Connect are not compatible on Windows 8 Computers. In this case question arises that how to upgrade your capitel connect device to run on windows 8. As BSNL shipped these devices manufactured from a company which is not clearly known, users may find themselves running all across the city and internet for help regarding fixing their Capitel Connect EVDO Modem to run on Windows 8.

There is a simple solution and you can get your capitel connect device to run on Windows 8. The following videos made by me shows how you can fix your capitel connect device.
Hope it work for you. If you have any question, feel free to tweet or message me on @lovemarshall
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