I See You Proud!!

This poem is dedicated to our parents and grandparents and for all of them who were there with us from the day when we did not even opened our eyes; for all those who were there for our care even when we were in our mother’s protective and warm womb…….
I want to become your pride and not your burden
In a crowd, I want to see your eyes gleam with joy when u says that I am with you
And the proud u feel while talking about me is what I want.
Your tone changes while you call my name, it becomes strong as tiger
Majestic as a king and gallant like a soldier.
For all I know, the present does not prove me capable enough to make you lofty
But a course of time would make me capable enough to bid your aroha
The myriad of achievements I have in my kitty would surely make you happy
But life demands more and the hunger for achievement never ends.
I come with a lot of blues in past but future is what I have to do
I cannot brush my megrims away in a blink of eye but this would stay with me till my soul leaves my body
But I am ready to overlook those vapors because I do not have a magic eraser.
All I am trying to do is to extract all the strength from gloomy past
And make those tears my water in my thirst while walking on the road to success.
Give me some time so that I can make you proud
And you can call my name aloud.
For all I have is nothing and for all I am is nothing
All I have is me.
But life never chuck the hard work, so the fire & faith remains intact in me
That soon a day will come when you will see u in me
Because I want to become your pride and not your burden
My promise will stay alive if you walk along
And my promise will stay alive if you halt now and join me later when I am capable enough to make u Olympian.
I may not be able to express the gratitude but this poem says it all.