Failures Are Not Just Failures…They Are Even More

Failures are not just simple downfall but they worth more than this life….. It is the time which teaches us the most and yet we sometimes let our failures take control of our being. It should not be so, we need to live and understand failures to a deeper insight.
And that the failures are not strong enough to break me
And the problems are not big enough to stop me
The hurdles of life is just another play in the this battle field
But this field is not longer than my foot steps
I can conquer it all with some patience and a ray of hope
Coz the day this hope will die, my body may rest in peace but somewhere
My soul would be wandering and wondering if I could do a little more
Only If I could have pushed myself a little more
If only I could have remained positive enough
And my painfully squandering soul might cry
Might complain hard about every luxury of negative thought which I took
For each bad faith I kept and for all the times I just let the opportunity go
For all those minutes when I slept needless and for all those hours I spent doing nothing
So this is not I want, as I want to see my soul happy
Bringing in a lot of positivity and feeding my soul with optimism
So that it may not complain after leaving this mortal chassis of muscle and bone.