How to Stay Safe From Ebola

ebola-preventionIntroduction: Ebola virus is most commonly known as Ebola Haemorrhagic; fatal in its effects. This virus is said to be transmitted to humans from wild animals. Till now, however, there is no licensed treatment for EVD but survival rate can be increased by early treatments like rehydration and symptomatic treatment. Research is still going on to neutralize this virus via tests like blood, drug therapies and immunological therapies.
Symptoms: incubation period for this virus to grow in human body is 2 to 21 days as per WHO analysis. Major and visible symptoms include fever, muscle pain, headache & sore throat. Post which vomiting, rashes, impaired kidney, diarrhea, internal and external bleeding from gums, and blood in stools can also be seen.Results seen in reports are low white blood cells and platelets and elevated liver enzymes.
Prevention & Control: Effective outbreak Ebola control depends on implementing intercession steps like management, surveillance, and contact tracing, a good laboratory service, safe burials and social mobilization.
Raising awareness about causes and risks of ebola virus & community togetherness is yet another factor that can help in prevention and control.
Following factors can be considered while taking preventive measures:

  • Wildlife to human transmission: Ebola virus is transmitted from wild animals to human via direct contact as physical contact while treating them or indirect contact like consumption of raw meat. One should wear gloves & masks while handling such animals like apes and fruit bats, and their meat should be cooked thoroughly before consumption.
  • Human to human transmission: EVD is contagious disease and therefore, any physical and close contact from an infected person should be avoided. If in contact with an infected person, then wearing gloves and masks & use of sanitizer is a good practice.
  • Other measures: It includes safe burial of dead infected with disease. Reason behind this is that virus is communicable. Keeping healthy people away from infected is also one of important measures while keeping surroundings hygienic. If someone has been in contact with ebola infected body then he/she should be monitored for 21 days.

Be safe and take preventive measures to curb this disease and to stop it from obliterating the most blessed human race.