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Dangerous Whats App Mathematical Dare

Today we’ll be playing something different sort of dare which includes something mathematical and it is called Dangerous Whats App Mathematical Dare. Let us ask you do something interesting. One test will let you know about your bad habit of your partner.

Step 1: Ask your partner to select one number between 1-6.
Step 2: Now multiply it with 5
Step 3: Now add 8 in the resultant.
Step 4: Now multiply resultant with 2
Step 5: Now add the digits and get the final result listed below:

Answer:Β Β  πŸ˜‰
1 – Smoking
2 – Beer
3 – Flirting with others
4 – Lying to you
5 –Mix up with your friends easily
6 – Nothing
7 – Drive vehicle speedily
8 – Disrespect others
9 – Selfish

Try this amazing and Dangerous Whats App Mathematical Dare to find out the answers of your questions.Β 
This dare is imaginary, in real life it’s doesn’t having any contact with anyone personal life.