Do You Know WhatsApp Messages are Becoming The Cause of Disloyalty in Italian Divorces!

The hands of technology are now all set to grab the neck of committed relationships in Italy. The latest report as stated by the Italian Association of Matrimonial Lawyers tells that WhatsApp, the top instant messaging application is causing disloyalty among the married couples as they are getting involved in other relations just by texting, sending pictures and voice notes via using Whatsapp messenger services. The 40% of divorce cases in Italian relationships are found to be affected by the Whatsapp because it is the reason that has become transparent evidence against unfaithful partners.

With this news, it is now easy to acknowledge that technology is creating problems for humans as it was foretasted earlier before inventing such high-end programs. There were some prominent thoughts regarding technology, describing it as the most valuable invention as well as the most dangerous thing for human beings. Now, we can see the results of how can be a technologically programmed Whatsapp messenger service are becoming the cause of getting caught by other people. We can also say that, with the use of technology we can easily cheat with our people as we can use it to any extent without showing our messages to our partners, close ones or friends.

It also has been observed that, since last few years, social media platforms have transformed into amazing places to get connected with people around the world. But, now the things are changing because people are now living with these social networks and messaging apps in daily routine. So, if someone is married and living a good life with his or her partner and in his leisure time, if he or she is using these networks to get connected to other people, then with this ongoing culture, we can easily notice that things are going to disturb between couples due to the presence of third person from any part of the world. This is the reason which rises with the question of infidelity among people.

The latest update from the Whatsapp services details a new feature which allows its user to know when their contacts have read messages. It explains the exact time frame of reading messages by other party just after sending a message to them. Earlier it was only 1 right check for representing delivery report and 2 right checks for representing receiving messages report by another party contact. Now, the time details will also flash in Whatsapp conversations as similar to Facebook messaging services to facilitate people in knowing when their friends have read the sent messages. If this is going to happen then it will surely be creating disturbance in peoples’ lives.

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