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WhatsApp Dare: Choose Alphabet Know You More Closely

We have brought new amazing dare for all you guys out there. Through which you can measure you’re your caliber. Choose one alphabet and perform the task accordingly. If you’ll be able to perform that dare then you are very risky for the world.

Choose your name first letter from the below list and get new WhatsApp Dare to perform for test your skills.

Pick up your name first letter from A to Z.
Letter A – Tell Your Partner 1 truth about yourself.
Letter B – Tell your crush about your feeling.
Letter C – Do any funny thing in the mall.
Letter D – Ask your partner for a dance in public area.
Letter E – Dance with aunty in mall when she is with his husband. πŸ˜›
Letter F – Share with your friend about your worst experience with your girlfriend.
Letter G – Spend 1 hour with your lady teacher.
Letter H – Kiss your friend in public area.

Letter A – Slap your friend in mall.
Letter I – Request your partner to show you a movie.
Letter J – Wake up at 3 a.m. in the morning and shout loudly. πŸ˜‰
Letter K – Get single puff of cigarette.
Letter L – Start talking unknown one Pretty girl – starts with Aunty.
Letter M – Lay down in the street road for 4 minute.

Letter N – Tell Your Mother about your crush.
Letter O – Get single shot of tequila.
Letter P – Do vomit on public place when you are with your partner.
Letter Q – Drive car while putting helmet on your head whole day.
Letter R – Go to any public function while having Black aviators on your eyes in the night.

Letter S – Tell Your Best friend about your crush.
Letter T – Pick 10 Kgs of weight in single hand till 5 minutes.
Letter U – Ask your sister to slap you once without any mistake.
Letter V – Dance with your elder brother at least 5 minutes.
Letter W – Tell your teacher their nick name.
Letter X – Get a bite from your friend’s plate and drop this bite down just before he/she started eating. πŸ˜›
Letter Y – Slap Your Girlfriend
Letter Z – Leave a movie in the middle at its climax. πŸ™‚
Try This Amazing WhatsApp Alphabet Dare .. πŸ˜‰

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