Eid Al Fitr 2018 Moon Sightseeing Live Update – Eid 2018 Is The Moon Visible on 14th?

Tinsukia Assam: No moon sighting has been reported yet due to bad weather.
Dibrugarh Assam: No moon sighting has been reported yet due to bad weather.
Guwahati Assam: No moon sighting has been reported yet due to bad weather.

Indonesia will celebrate Eid Al Fitr on Friday, June 15.
Jebel Hafeet: The Shawwal moon has been sighted in Jebel Hafeet
14th June 7:18 PM

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How to Spot International Space Station in Jaipur

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Download Lachit the Warrior Game from App Store

Download Mobile Game based on Lachit Borphukan.

Step into the battle of Saraighat with the Ahom Kingdom Commander “Lachit Borphukan” and defeat the Mughal Empire with the Unique style of action. it’s time to revisit the Assam’s history with modern technology and smooth animation.Experience the new moves and explore the new world full of Adventures.

Click here to Download Lachit on Android

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Some Nice Divi Blurb Examples and Divi Blurb Layouts

Divi Blurb Layout

Some Nice Divi Blurb Examples and Divi Blurb Layouts

If you are looking to enhance your Divi Blurb, here are some nice layouts that can be achieved using Divi Blurb Extended Plugin.

Divi Blurb Layout

Divi Blurb Layout

Divi Blurb Layout

Divi Blurb Layout

Divi Blurb Layout

Click here for more Divi Blurb Layouts and Divi Blurb Examples

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Divi Blurb Layout, Styles and Examples

Divi Blurb Layout

Divi Blurb Extended is your answer to these search terms on Google. If you are looking to style Divi Blurb, it can be done using a plugin that adds lots of features to Divi Blurb.

This plugin is from DiviExtended.com and is the second plugin after Divi Blog Extras from this company.

So if you are trying to search for any of these, your answer could be hidden in Divi Blurb Extended

divi blurb css
divi blurb examples
divi blurb hover
divi blurb layouts
divi custom blurb icon
divi blurb styles
divi blurb width

Here are some demo that includes divi blurb hover feature, divi blurb styles, it does not include manual divi blurb css.

If you like these divi blurb example, feel free to visit the product page from the link above to get more information.

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What is Price of iPhone 10 and when it can be ordered

iPhone X can be ordered starting from October 27 and shipping will start from November 3


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What is the Battery Life of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10

The battery  Life of iPhone 8 and iPhone 10 is 2 hours more than iPhone 7

The charging can be done using wireless technology  based AIR POWER. Series 3 Apple watch and Airpod could be charged as well. Just need to keep the device on Air Power and it will start charging.


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Camera in iPhone 10

Core features 12 MP Dual Camera

Larger and Faster Sensors

New Color Filter

Deeper Pixels


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iPhone 10 Edge to Edge Display is Excellent Replacement for Home Button

The home button replacement is a simple swipe upward. Just tap and the screen-light turns on. Swite up to reach home. Single swipe takes to homepage.


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iPhone 10 – Biggest Leap Forward Since the Original iPhone

iPhone 10 is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. It has glass on both front and back.

Water and Dust resistance.

2 Color Grey and Black

Super Retina Display

5.8 inch diagonal screen size.

458 is the highest screen pixel density every in iPhone

OLED technology is used in iPhone 10 for display.  It supports Great contrast, high resolution, Has amazing Thinness and Brightness.

Super Retina display matters as it enable entirely new experience.

Wake iPhone 10 by tapping on the Screen. There is no home button in iPhone 10.

Go to home screen, swipe up to go to home screen. It is amazing.

Use Siri by pressing side button in iPhone 10.

How to lock and unlock iPhone 10 is interesting. Look at the iPhone and it will unlock. It is called FaceID.

Face ID is the future of smartphone to lock a mobile phones in future.

FaceID uses the camera that combines Flood illumination, IR Camera and more features to detect face and unlock the phone. Dot project projects dots to recognize the face and recognize to unlock the phone.

Billions of images used to create Neural Network. A11 Bionic  Chip help Neural Engine to process face recognition.

Neural Engine has dual core design and 600 billion processing per second to process data in real time to recognize faces to unlock iPhone 10.

1 in a million is the chance of matching in FaceID with random match. In standard it is 50000.

FaceID works with third parties and can be used for making payment.

Two depth camera system and trained Neural network is amazing. It works with attention and works with Apple Pay.


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