What This Indian BSF Soldier has Reported is Really Disturbing

We came across this video of a solider from BSF who has reported a major issue/corruption by higher officers in the Indian Army.

Here is the breakfast. It is unbelievable that what this troop is being served as breakfast for an 11 hours duty ahead.

What may happen next after this?
Possibly, the soldier could be summoned for filming high sensitive areas and uploading.
He might be sacked on some fake allegations by the officers?

Let’s see

More trouble for the poor guy

BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, Sacked After Videos Went Viral, Says ‘Will Move High Court’

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Donald Trump Tweets ‘Unpresidented’ in place of ‘Unprecedented’.

Looks like the President-Elect needs “unpresidented” home schooling to help his spellings. At least we know he types his own tweets!!!!  – Tweeted Omar Abdullah in response to a silly spelling mistake by the President-Elect of the United States Donald Trump.

The tweet was deleted and not available any more but here is the screenshot captured before it was deleted by Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Tweets ‘Unpresidented’ Instead of ‘Unprecedented’.

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Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hae Memes


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Funny Troll Messages on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 Currency Ban

Govt of India has taken an initiative to curb black money and duplicate currency. In this move, the 500 and 1000 currency notes have been withdrawn.

The interesting part of this move is the Internet which is going wild with funny messages and memes on this sudden currency replacement.

Here are a few of them.


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Compilation of Cheap and Dirty BSNL Cellone Promotional Messages

BSNL is well known for sending out dirty and cheap promotional SMS to its Prepaid and Postpaid Customers. One of our user have been receiving a lot and decided to send us the cheap messages as they come. We will keep adding as the messages comes.

Most important fact: The number on which BSNL is sending these Promotional Messages are DND registered numbers.




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This Mobile Recharge Shop Owner Did Something Really Interesting to Keep Away Reliance Jio Enquiries

There have been a huge number of people wandering on streets to India after Reliance JIO launched it’s service to get their Reliance Jio SIM. Unfortunately, they land up on shops who don’t provide Reliance Jio sim or services.

To overcome these enquiries mobile recharge and other shop owners are trying their best to keep the useless customers away 😉 and here is one example from Jaipur.

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Watch every iPhone announcement ever in under 2 minutes #AppleEvent

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How To Check Data Balance of Airtel and List of Various Airtel USSD Codes

List of Airtel Data Balance Check and Other Codes

SL Details USSD Code
1 Customer Care Number of Airtel Prepaid 121
2 Airtel Customer Complaint Number 198
3 DND Activation/Deativation of Airtel Services 1909
4 My Airtel, My Offer Code *121#
5 Airtel Value Added Services Code *121*4#
6 Check Last 5 Airtel Transactions and Value Added Services. *121*7#
7 Airtel 4G Balance Check *121*8#
8 Main Balance and Validity *123#
9 How to Check Airtel to Airtel Mins Balance *123*1#
10 How to Check Airtel 3G Data Balance (airtel data/net balance) *123*11#
11 How to Check Airtel 2G Data Balance (airtel mb check) *123*10#
12 Airtel Night Data Balance Check *123*197#
13 Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes Balance Check *123*6#
14 How to Check Balance of Free Local, STD SMS in Airtel *123*7#
15 Free STD Minutes Balance Check in Airtel *123*8#
16 Airtel Talktime Gift Service/Share or Ask Talktime Check *141#
17 Airtel Loan Number. How to Use Airtel Loan *141*10# or 52141
18 Special 5 Offers of Airtel Check *222#
19 How to Know Your own Airtel number *282#
20 Airtel Live Services *321#
21 Free Facebook Access [Rs. 1 per day ] *325#
22 Twitter Service *515#
23 Airtel Special Offers and Rewards *566#
24 GPRS(Activation/Deactivation) *567#
25 Hello Tunes Menu *678#
26 Local National SMS Packs *777#
27 Missed Call Alert *888#
28 Airtel 3g activation ussd code SMS 3G to 121
29 Hello Tunes Service 543211
30 Airtel Live Services 543212
31 Airtel Music Station 543213
32 Background Music During Call 543214
33 Song Catcher 543215
34 Chat With Friends 543216
35 Contests 543217
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How To Use Reliance Jio on Apple iPhone

If you are looking to use reliance jio service on your iPhone or iPad, you can buy the mobils wifi router from reliance jio and connect your Apple devices to it.

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Recharge Plans for BSNL EVDO Rajasthan

There are two types of BSNL EVDO prepaid accounts.

One in which you have to pay minimum amout every month which is deducted from the recharge amount abd you get the unlimited access for that period. Second, in which you can simple do a BSNL EVDO  STV recharge abd it works.

Here us the type of recharges fir Rajasthan BSNL EVDO

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